8 Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing


Social media is one of the most powerful platforms for marketingtoday. Most businesses now have their presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

However, marketing trends change, and you need to stay updated with it. Here are some latest trends in social media marketing.

Analysing metrics

Businesses now analyse various metrics to know what’s working and what’s not. ‘Like’ is not the only measurement of content’s performance. It’s more about engagement with the customers.

Group marketing

Instead of targeting people of different demographics, marketers are now targeting specific groups. They target all their marketing efforts to a small group of people and try to engage with them in meaningful conversations.


Videos are still vital today. Most people watch videos and creating a short video of your product or service can be very effective. Videos communicate more than words and it will have a better impact.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are dominating social media, but companies are now alert of fake influencers. So, if you are considering influencer marketing, you should be careful and select the right influencer.


You should look into other platforms and not just depend on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you are targeting the young population, then you should redirect some of your marketing efforts to Snapchat or TikTok.

If you approach smaller networks now, you will have low advertising costs and less competition.

Employee advocacy

Employee generated content builds up more trust in the company. So, you should ask your employees to share content about the company in their social networks.


Facebook stories or Instagram stories are still on-trend and engages millions of users every day. These stories attract users and they watch them. So, you should focus on creating stories.

Marketers are accountable

In the past, social media data was not considered important enough to talk about in the meeting room. But now, marketers are held accountable for the performance data on social media. They must report to the managers about how active they are on social media.

You must adopt these trends in your social media marketing plan. Otherwise, you won’t be utilizing social media properly and will be left behind your competitors.

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