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Marketing is a huge field and there are so many things to learn. If you have a business, you need to have good knowledge of marketing; otherwise, you won’t be successful. There are so many new ideas and concepts.

You need to stay updated with the latest trends. Here are some books we recommend you read.

Marketing Playbook

By – Samantha Stone

This book is different because it doesn’t focus on theory too much. You will find templates and tactics that you can apply in real business. The author even talks about SEO which is very important for businesses.

Data-Driven Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

By – Magnus Unemyr

This book talks about using AI for marketing. Some of the topics covered in this book include E-Commerce, content marketing, lead generation, and more. In this digital age, this book can help you to cope with the changes and learn about the new marketing norms.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

By – David Scott

Marketing rules change with time. This book is full of examples and case studies that will help you to learn the best practices that you can apply to your business today. The book also covers social media marketing.

Hit Makers

By – Derek Thomson

The main goal of a marketer is to make their products known to people. They want people to love their products. He mentions that there is no specific rule on which product might be a hit or which not. But a certain pattern exists and if your product falls in that pattern then it will become a hit.

Everybody Writes

By – Ann Handley

This book is about content creation. Content is a very important marketing tool and you will know how to write good content by reading this book.

All these books have received great reviews from readers. Many top marketing professionals recommend reading these books if you are running a business or working in the marketing department of a company. These books will help you learn about the latest marketing trends.